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Philia Wealth Entertainment

Philia Wealth Entertainment is constructing a new business model called "Creating the Future Digital Society" and is dedicated to fostering a digital economy society primarily in Asia while providing the ultimate service on the digital stage for everyone. Additionally, the fusion of digital and clean energy businesses presents significant opportunities. We invite you to continue experiencing the creation of the future digital society with Philia Wealth Entertainment.


Corporate Philosophy

Philia is a Greek word for "love," "friendship," or "affection," that is often emphasized in Aristotle's philosophy of ethics. Embodying these values, Our company believes in building mutual relationships of shared wealth and property that is not constrained by centralized authorities and systems. Led by our pioneering spirit, our company aims to build a world of entertainment that fosters a future society which embodies coexistence, co-prosperity, symbiosis, mutual benefit, and empathy.

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We specialize in creating a new global digital economy society through special digital and clean energy projects that focus on the future digital society, primarily in Asia. Our activities encompass not only the promotion and practical implementation of our unique digital economic initiatives but also all activities necessary to achieve our objectives

eCO2 supercritical carbon dioxide power generation system development business

Digital businesses require a vast amount of energy (electricity). We offer an ultimate next-generation energy service that dramatically reduces CO2 emissions compared to conventional methods, using revolutionary next-generation power generation technologies.

Blockchain financial development and cryptocurrency exchange business

In the future, digital payment systems will rapidly evolve as a means of transferring funds and conducting transactions worldwide. We are focused on establishing a versatile system capable of accommodating various industries and sectors, centered around international digital payments that integrate cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and digital points. We are actively engaged in planning, researching, developing, customizing, and consulting on various digital payment systems.


Security system development business

With the global digitization providing convenience and comfort in daily life, the security of confidential information, including personal data, becomes a paramount challenge. We are dedicated to conducting research, development, and support based on globally recognized security insights.

Gaming software development and verification business

Despite the various perceptions of online gaming and esports, Next Generation Digital Gaming believes in the monetary, social, and individual value digital gaming yields. Our platform intends to connect game engineers and players around the world in one digital community.

Company Profile

■ Company Name:
Philia Wealth Entertainment Corporation


■ Headquarters
1-4-2, Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 3F
TEL:03-6869-3029   FAX:03-6800-2440



■ Branch Office
2-3 Nakasunakashimamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Fukuoka Fujiland Building 7F
TEL: 092-409-3813 FAX: 092-409-3906


Taiwan Office
5F.-4, No. 16, Ln. 609, Sec. 5, Chongxin Rd., Sanchong 
Dist.,New Taipei City,Taiwan

Mongolia Office

Sukhbaatar district, 1st Khoroo, Jamyan Guny street, Building #12, #3A

■ Overseas Locations

U.S.A., Georgia, Republic of Seychelles, Taiwan, Mongolia, Singapore, Philippines

■ Board Member

Representative Director:  Teruaki Watanabe

Director:                       Yuki Amemiya

Audit & Supervisory Board Member:  Weng Daokui

■ Capital

10 million yen (Legal capital surplus 500 million yen)


■ Business Overview

eCO2 supercritical carbon dioxide power generation system development business
Blockchain financial development and cryptocurrency exchange business
Security system development business
Gaming software development and verification business

Business Consulting Business

All related businesses associated with the above.

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